Question: Is your program compatible with iOS or PC?
Answer: Yes, our program is completely web-based
Question: Is there a program I need to download?
Answer: No, our program is completely web-based
Question: Is your system only for Emergency Medical Services Events?
Answer: Our co-founders are active in the EMS community and originally created this with those events in mind,
however, our program is adaptable to all conferences
Question: Can I customize the certificates that are sent out to the attendees?
Answer: Yes, contact us for pricing. Small changes may be free.
Question: What if the Attendee doesn't have an email address associated with their registration?
Answer: Our standard certificate prints their name and address in the correct place to allow of a window envelope for ease in mailing.
Question: Does your program send out the emails for me
Answer: Yes, with a few clicks you will send a personalized email to all attendees with information to obtain their certificates
Question: Why are my badges printing on the lines?
Answer: Make sure you are selecting "Actual Size" on your printer's page setup.
Question: Do you perform the scanning at my event?
Answer: Not normally. Our program is meant to give the conference organizer full control over their event. We can help you with your event in person, call us for pricing and availability.
Question: Do you stuff the badges for my event?
Answer: We can. Our program is meant to give the conference organizer full control over their event. Call us for pricing. Ask us about our latest card printer.
Question: What is the difference between the 1-year unlimited subscription and the Event per person cost?
Answer: There is no difference in functionality. The per person cost is typically for smaller events. The unlimited subscription allows the client to use our program all year for one price regardless of the amount of events or users.
Question: Am I charged based on registration or how many actually show up to my event.
Answer: The per person cost is based on how many unique certificates are generated following your event.
Question: Do the attendees have to fill out their evaluation before getting their certificate?
Answer: Yes, our system sends a link to fill out a customized evaluation based on the courses they attended
Question: Do I have to use your barcode scanners.
Answer: No. We do ask that you contact us for compatibility. Most portable scanners are compatible with our system and should be able to scan code39.
Question: How many scans does the scanner hold?
Answer: The Opticon Scanners can hold up to 10,000 scans. Care must be taken to upload your scanners regularly to avoid any lost data.
Question: Do you rent or sell barcode scanners?
Answer: We do rent barcode scanners for $10/scanner per day. We are also an Opticon dealer. Contact us for pricing.
Question: Can I download reports to my computer for safe keeping?
Answer: Our program creates PDF files for you to download and save as you wish
Question: Do you offer a roster of who took what course?
Answer: Yes. One of the many reports shows the names of all who attended each course. We also offer a report by person showing which course they attended.
Question: Do you generate CECBEMS approved XML files?
Answer: Yes, we create an XML file for uploading ot CECBEMS with rules to catch any errors.